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Search results

The following information will be displayed: Collection, page, title, collector, county, province, parish, village, lyrics, genre, type, interval, gross contour, year, time-signature, key, booknotes, comments. For more information on these details, see descriptions of the collections
MIDI file:
More information about this format in technical details
Scorch file:
Notated score (done with Sibelius-notation software). See technical details for more information

Finding a tune

Empty search lists all tunes. Asterisk (*) functions as a wildcard. For example, "*saari" will return all tunes that are from places where saari forms the last part of the place name such as \'Viitasaari\'.
Combined search enables one to use several search criteria in one query. Specific search contains more specific search criteria. For example, you can search using keywords contained in the lyrics, or for tunes from certain regions. In this search, it is possible to extend or limit the search result by limiting or combining the search criteria withthe boolean options "and", "or", and "not". The target field of the search can is defined from the pulldown menu.

Gross contourinvolves spelling out a tune in terms of the direction of its intervals (Up, Down, Repeat). This field only accepts the characters u, d and r. For example, "dduu*" finds tunes where the first two intervals are descending and the next two intervals are ascending.

In the interval search the input is the interval between successive tone in number of semitones. Ascending or descending intervals are denoted by + or -. +0 indicates a repeated note. For example, "+2+2-4*" find tunes which begin with two ascending major seconds followed by a descending a major third (i.e. the beginning of the Frere Jacques).